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Hey there, I do not want to disappoint you or anything but you know, reading this part

And with this being said, I would assume that your only alternatives are the following 2:
1. real pharma increlex = would need 6 figures per year and the second is true lab grade IGF 1 which would need 5 figures per year.

I have to tell you… your numbers are very and very way off man… no offence. But think yourself, you are able to get 10 mg for approximate 1200 USD quite easily. And ow just do the math very easily. The 10 mg should probably list you for approximately 100 days, plus or minus and this is if calculating that you’re doing 100 mcg of it post workout and to be honest, it does sounds to me as this is way over kill, at least to my opinion. And so, you are looking approximately 4000 USD max for the real increlex per year.