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As much as you already understood it, I guess, I am not an expert in all these things, however I have been under the impression that the LR3 it is only taken to keep IGF levels up every day, day by day and that’s in the time DES is giving you the pump because of its quick metabolism and therefore the short half life. Again, I am not sure if I’ve got it all the right way as I’m not an expert.
As in terms of a source, I was not sure if I could ask for one or to get people’s opinion about one. I have found out one being named trustgh com and would like to know if there’s anyone who has ever used it as I would like to know your opinion about it. thanks!
The reason I ask this is because I know that some years ago there has been the same name of site with .org domain and as much as I know, that pharm used to be known as a good and reliable distributor of high quality hgh. As many other sources out there, one sad day, it got closed for some unknown reasons. And now I can say that the site is a .com domain version and so I was wondering if there’s anyone who has already used it and the site is still legit as it used to be with its older version. I know that often, scammers are trying to use the good sources names making their site so I’m afraid this might be that situation? Or this is the old site in a newer version? Any information would be appreciated.