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Well, you know… I’m a member of more forums and when I asked for one, I have been given a source of it in another forum and so, following the member’s advices, I have tried IGF1 – LR3 for the first time. I did already knew that there are very much fakes out there and that’s why I have done a good research myself first and only after that I have tried to search for sources using forums. I’ve got to say here that when I have used this thing for the first time in my life, I’ve taken 100 mcg post workout and I have been feeling pumped all the rest of the night, I mean, I was able to feel the effects. I’ve done the research, as I said, and I know that the LR3 is having a super long half life so it is really good to use it before going to the bed as you are going to wake up in the next morning and you’re still going to have the effects and will feel pumped. To be honest, so far, I have never tried to use it pre workout since I have been running GH, however to be honest, I can assume that it would be fairly good doing it, or that’s what I can imagine.