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You know, the fact that a person said something doesn’t automatically means that this is true, plus Rich Piana has said a lot of things as much as you know. The Lab analysis it is the only way to really know and determine whether or not you’re having a real IGF, you just can’t say that lab analysis lie. But you should know that even lab analysis can have some problems when you’re testing GH and the IGF.
And as much as I know, you are able to ask for some sources of it, but I suggest you to be very careful and that’s because for the most part, all that you’re going to get are some people’s experience ordering it, as much as I know. And plus to that, you should know that there are not very much people who are using IGF and even among those who do use it, there are even less of those who have it tested so in the end, it is very unlikely to have a 100% real response.