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Lol, no, definitely not, however to be honest I do prepare for going for a pretty hard feat of sub 10 2 miles.
But you know, this is all only for the first week as, after that, I am most likely going to be having a dose of anywhere between 4000 to 6000 IU or so, not sure, as it mostly depends on the blood levels I would have then. Whatever the case, I am still doing my research and so far, it still seems to be useless as I cannot seem to find anywhere a good place where I could get a cheap EPO as much as I can see. The only thing that I can mention here is that, through doing my research I’ve seen that, theoretically, people are still able to purchase this much Chinese EPO for only approximately 80 Dollars and that’s much better as much as we can see. That’s simply because it is Chinese and theoretically it shouldn’t be lower in quality so in the end you should get same product for cheaper price because it is Chinese. But that’s theoretically as practically I am not able to find anywhere a good source for them.