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Well, since you mention that it is all that bad as you said in your last post:

Thank you guys a lot for all your answers and advices, I really appreciate it all a lot and each advice! The thing is that it is not only the RLS as it is much more than only the RLS that I am going through… indeed RLS are super annoying, but I am also feeling internally restless, as if I’m always tired regardless of what I do or how/ how much I rest or sleep. I am never able to relax! It feels as if I am being wound up way too tight and I go like that all day long! That’s a huge problem for me! But then again, thanks for your replies!

It does sounds as if you’re not having a regular tiredness that can be *cured* by a weekend of sleep and relax. This does sounds to me as if its more serious and as if that’s something that coming from *inside of you*, something from your brain. You might want to go to see a doctor and see what he would say as you could get some Xanax that could help. What you’re going through and inability to rest sounds as if you’re going through anxiety, at least to me, and Xanax can help with this. I personally am also having it and this is the way that I am feeling as well, only maybe except for the fact that I am also having an elevated heart rate and I am also suffering, from time to time, from shortness of breath! The recommendations you’ve got there are indeed legitimate, you would want to try out some sleepy tea which can calm and relax and also some melatonin could be helpful as well, esp. if mixed with valerian root. These natural methods are actually working for me (and for any other anxious person I think) when I am actually in a need to wake up the next morning early and I shouldn’t oversleep. But for those cases when I actually need to rest and I do not need to wake up next morning then I can take Xanax and a beer and if I do this then I’m unreachable for the next 12 hours! Anyway, in the end I just recommend you to go and see doctor as you sound to have quite a problem that needs to be addressed. I wish you good luck!