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In response to the original poster: I personally have used UK peptides for CJC no DAC, I have also used Ipam, TB 500 and also BPC. While I have been using the CJC and Ipam I did have got the usual face flush side effect and my levels of igf have increased from 200 to 360 during the period of 3 months that I have been on them, that’s why I can say that these products does work and they are of a good quality. Nevertheless, I am not able to comment on the legitimacy and quality of the BPC and I can’t also say anything about TB 500 as I am also not having any obvious parameters that I am able to share or change or something in this matter.
Another thing to mention here is that it has been a month now since I have switched and currently I am ordering my peptides from Alibaba (I’m doing it as it is nearly 50% cheaper so that’s very good). I have switched to the highest rated supplier which is Lyphar and I have got the exact same face flush I am usually getting from using the CJC in combination with Ipam and soon I am going to have another test for the levels of IGF 1 in order to check its legitimacy.