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I guess I have not explained myself good enough. I did have tried to look up for older posts before posting there and I did mentioned earlier that I did have done a research myself online before actually writing this post as I’m not the type of guy who just goes on a forum and asks for immediate help without doing a research myself first. And among those posts I found (here and elsewhere) seem to be only regarding some requests of sources that were private messaged where the requester seems that has not logged in for months or years. Needless to say that this is suspicious and doesn’t sound as a good source I could have trust in. in fact, I checked some sources and many sites where already down.
By doing my research I also have found discussions from people saying about the bodybuilders and about the fact that they shouldn’t use EPO, I found lots of such discussions, many of them said this because, as they mentioned, they are already having high hematocrit levels from the use of AAS.
Even if this is true then I have doubts that this touches me as I am not using AAS, however truth is that I do get into the use of the peptides and to be honest, I do want to use the EOP for the athletic performance and for the endurance that it provides since, as much as I heard, the benefits are really good!