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Well, you’re either new on this community or most likely new to purchasing stuff like this online, as much as I can see, but making such posts as this one is only going to make you get some fake sources with fake products and even if you’re going to get a legit source, most likely, you won’t buy from it, because you got scammed so much that you won’t have trust anymore. You’ve got to do a bit more research online, search through old posts, or go anywhere else online and continue researching. You might read someone’s logs and if there is mentioned then there’s a high chance that you might find the source as well, that’s why you should be better searching through the old posts. I do understand the fact that it is super annoying, but it is more annoying to lose money on fake sources/ fake products and I just know that it is going to be the best way of finding a real source if you do not want to get some kind of fake disappointing you. Good luck in finding the legit source!