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Well, I just wanted to comment on this part:

I personally did have used the aromasin from the TopPeptides with some good success, however with a lot of those companies the quality of the products indeed does seem to go up and down so you just never know for sure.

And I just wanted to say that TopPeptides are my favorite and my best go. Except for the quality which is exceptional they are my all favorite due to the sales that they are offering nearly every single weekend which is how I save money by using their services. And I’m not talking about TopPeptides saying that they are so good only by using a single of their product. I have tried a lot of different products from their products and they were all doing whatever they were supposed to do! I have no doubt in the toppeptides’ quality and I love the fact that they have amazing prices as well. for those interested I personally have tried the following products: t4, aromasin, clomid, nolvadex, cjc no dac, ghrp6, igf Des/ LR3, peg mgf, inj L Carnitine, Helios as well as Hexarelin. Again, each worked amazingly!