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Hey there, I’m very sorry to hear this

The problem is that I did have used a few sources that I’ve obtained from research I’ve done and I am quite sure that I have got some bunk Cialis and I also ordered Viagra lately and both of them turned out to be bunk. For this reason I’m quite hesitant to try something I don’t know and also that’s why I would really appreciate some help here. thanks!

But you know… I’ve got to tell you that this is mostly a hit and miss thing… sometimes you can hit it and save great while receiving great, but you can miss and get the bunk. Anyway, I still should say here that I personally have never heard any bad things about Evolution – everyone who used them said only good things so I think that you are going to stand good chances of being happy with their products. I personally did have used the aromasin from the TopPeptides with some good success, however with a lot of those companies the quality of the products indeed does seem to go up and down so you just never know for sure.
Whatever the case, I do know the struggle as I am currently nearly to the point of going to the pharm grade tabs. Not for continuous use but as a form of backup for those days the research cem companies are going to let me down. I’ve already heard of some people already doing this.