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Yep, I agree with you that we do not hear very often people saying that they are using it and I’m among those people either as I personally have not used it to be honest. Instead, I personally am also using the red wine vinegar as well. However there are chances that it might be kind of iffy and that’s because it is typically containing the grape must (which is usually concentrated grape skins) but the problem is, as much as you know, the grapes are not found in the normal protocol menu. But then again, starting from the very beginning – the red wine vinegar it is a grape product as well.
Whatever the case, I just think that I personally would compare the brands and then i am going to choose the one that is having the lowest carb and sugar count and go for it. in the end of it all, as it has been mentioned up there, it is indeed not being specified in the protocol what type of the vinegar we can use, therefore I also think that any type of vinegar is fine, of course, except those with extra carb/ sugar number.
However if you are thinking about what would be readily available in Italy back 70 years ago then I do think that it is most likely the red wine vinegar as it was mentioned or the balsamic vinegar as these would be the common/ usual choices.
But in the end, the reason why we’re most hearing about apple cider vinegar and we hear people using only this product it is because there is nothing to question about this choice. Plus it could be the easiest to find.
Lastly, in case this is going to be something that is really going to help you to stay on the plan as you should then I think that it could be worth a test in order to check how you are going to do with it. this usually makes you understand that there’s either absolutely nothing to be worried about or that you need to go change something without guessing. Anyway, in the end, if I had to guess then I would say that you are most likely going to be just fine.