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Well you know, everyone is searching for good products as I doubt anyone was ever searching for fake/ low quality products. Nevertheless, you have to be more specific on what you are trying to get as there’s different types of peptides.

Sorry, I didn’t know I had to say it. well, i’m searching for CJC 1295 no DAC and Impamorelin. In the past I have been used to the Superior as I’ve been using their products, however they got closed and since they did I’ve been using Transformix, but to be honest, I do not actually like their product as I’m quite iffy on the peptides I get from them. the liquids are fairly good, however I am not feeling them anymore now and that’s a problem, as you can understand.
Also thanks a lot for the recommendation * I personally can recommend you Blue Skye Liquids as I personally have had experience with them and they were fairly good for me* I am definitely going to have a look into them!