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In fact, if you’re going to check it a bit more carefully then you’re going to see that *pounds and inches* does not actually say that you can have apple cider vinegar as it only says that you can have vinegar and there is not specified which type of vinegar is being allowed and with this being said, I can say that you’re free of using any type of vinegar that you wish to use. Back in the 1950’s or maybe 60’s (not sure) in Italy, most likely this has been (most of the time) red wine vinegar, but as much as I know, any type that you wish to use is just fine so I wouldn’t be worried. With this being said, the balsamic vinegar would be just as fine too, however I just need to warn you: better read the label of that balsamic vinegar you’re about to use as I have heard that there are some brands which might have some added sugar. I personally have not seen this myself, however while been doing my research I did have heard about the added sugar to them so I just wanted to make sure you know it in case you already don’t. hopefully this is going to be helpful.
To add here something from experience… all and the only salad dressings that I’ve made myself are all very disappointing, of course, compared to the salad dressings that I’ve use to made. However they are still much better than nothing at all.
Not sure if this is going to be any helpful for you but it doesn’t cost me anything to share it so maybe it would be of any help: you’ve got to mix red wine vinegar, a squeeze of orange juice as well as a few dashes of the mustard powder. Then just simply eat the rest of the orange for your fruit that meal.
Also, puree or mash together as a mix some champagne vinegar and also get a couple of strawberries there. then, as above, simply eat the rest of the strawberries for your fruit in that meal. If you like then you’re also able to use the red wine vinegar as well with the strawberries if you want to. And by the way, thinking a bit: the strawberries and the balsamic vinegar sound to be pretty good as well, to be honest.
One last thing that I can add here is that you’re able to mix 1t milk, 1 t apple cider vinegar, a pinch or maybe a dash each of salt, pepper, dried parsley as well as dill, onion powder along with garlic powder. You can then pretend this is a ranch dressing. I truly hope that this is going to be any helpful for you!