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Yes, to be honest, I do think that quite an amount of it is, in the end, a mental thing. But except for that and the rest left is, in my opinion, the burnt out dopamine in my brain that I have done with my lifestyle. And by the way, I am currently on 2 pins into a test E cycle as I have started recently and so, I am going to check it how the things are going to go further in the next 3 – 4 weeks. I hope that in a month my libido situation is going to get much better, but I can’t, of course, be sure.
And also, I do think about the fact that compared to all of those years of abuse that I have had and all the damage I’ve had to my brain and to my body, only 6 months is by far not enough so I do think that there are still good chances that I’m going to get much better with time. At least I really hope so and I keep on hoping for the best. I just noticed that I have a big inability to enjoy the things and simply I am not feeling actually like myself, feel somehow strange, and these feelings have been greatly getting to me as of late, but as I said, I just keep on hoping that they are going to go away. But this is getting over me and I start thinking as if depression is going to get over me if it continues like that. It does seem to me as in the gym it is the only place and the only time when I do not feel all like this, when I’m not feeling as if I’m a robot.