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In fact, to be honest, as much as I heard by recently talking with some people who are living there, Australia is by far not the best country (and generally not a good place at all) to play around as bodybuilder. I can’t say that I have friends there but I did have discussed with some people living in Australia (including some who are from Brazil) who said that doing this there is extremely expensive, that’s because, for example, lots of those people said that a simple testosterone of 10 mL is going to cost you 150 dollars! You’re either a millionaire bodybuilder or you’re not a bodybuilder at all as much as I can see. The prices for such gears are expensive everywhere in the world since HGH is expensive, but in Australia that’s just impossible. Like for example, my current cycle is: 100 mg enanthate testosterone per day; added with 70 mg trenbolone ace per day; with also 70 mg of masteron per day and also 2 iu of hormotrop and lastly with 4 iu of jintropin. I mean, just doing a simply math and I saw how much $$$ would be per day of keeping this protocol up in Australia, it is simply impossible. As much as it seems, I either go there and forget about HGH or I stay here and continue with my protocol.
And by the way, to my opinion the first and the third options are the best and most viable out there.