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Oh yeah, I completely agree with the previous poster saying that they are having some really though customs which means that not very much passes through it. to my opinion, here are your options available: the first one is to get fake Brazilian bloodwork if possible plus to get *prescriptions* in order to check if an Australian doctor is going to agree to continue prescribing the GH to you which would be nearly risk free in case you find one who agrees (it is obvious that this method is not guaranteed to work but you I can assume that you’re able to give it a try with a few doctors and check if it’s going to work).
The second option as much as I can assume is several Hollywood-like, GH friendly doctors that are available there. As much as I know, this is the safest option however it is still expensive. I am going to send you privately some links as I doubt that I can share them here publicly.
The third and to my opinion the last option available to you is: overseas UG GH which is going to be relabeled as something else, like for example as *antibiotics* or anything in this matter. But I wouldn’t call it the safest option to be honest.