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Well, I just know there’s one very simple thing: if you are not gaining weight then you are simply not eating enough, simple as that!

Yeah, you are definitely right on that, however just let me add *from the Humalog*
And by the way, in regards to the last post as of:

Anyway, in the end I think that all of this really could turn into a pretty educational discussion for each and all of us here! hopeful to get some responses.

and all other questions I will try my best.
I could say here that I am very experienced with both of the types of these insulin forms. This is why I am saying that Humalog has done just very little for me if comparing the effects and benefits that I have had with the Humulin R. I was not saying that Humalog is useless and it doesn’t work, it is just the fact that Humulin R is much helpful for me.
During the time that I have been on the Humalog, the highest that I have been up to has been 14 iu pre workout, about 10 minutes or so pre work out I have been getting my shot, all along with the 4 g per iu sugar, bcaas, creatine as well as glutamine. Usually, my source for sugar has been dextrose. Intra workout, it has been 8g/ iu dextrose, bcaas, creatine as well as glutamine. The post workout has been pretty much the same but only with the exception that I was having a lot much less dextrose, and why added. Obviously, and as always, low fat and high carb meals I was having both pre and post workout.
Right now, with the Humulin R, at 13 IU exactly 85 minutes (1:25H) before training. My meal consists of 96 g of carbs (14 simple), 40 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and lastly a banana, but I am not weighing/ counting it. after that, I am having a shake with 35 g of dextrose, bcaas, creatine and glutamine exactly 15 minutes before my workout and intra workout I am getting the exact same shake. And as I said earlier, after my workout, I am having the exact same shake but with a little less sugar and with whey added. Getting home as soon as I finish my workout and I have my meal as soon as I get home with about 90 g carbs!
All in all I can say with certitude that I am having far much better results with humulin R. in fact, I can say that Humalog has been only an intermediary in order to get to the thing that it is really working and is actually giving me lots of benefits: Humulin R. to be honest, I am actually considering to use an even longer acting Slin if there is one out there, however my days right now are simply too short for this thing right now.