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In fact, I was actually eating a lot! You are only able to digest and use so much at a time!

So well, to that end, having a longer acting insulin is going to extend that window a little bit as much as you can understand, since it is having a longer peak and a longer duration of the use either.
Anyway, if you don’t mind me asking then, what it is your insulin regimen like with the Humalin R (or Novolin R)? I mean, some general data such as: when you were injecting it? how many units you’ve been injecting? And also, what you would eat/ were eating in order to counteract and to balance the glucose lowering effects of the humalin R?!
One more thing here, what were the differences in the insulin protocol that you were having comparing the use of the Humalin R and the Humalin? In your opinion, were there any other variables and factors as well that might have come to play in affecting the success that you have had with the R type of the insulin? Maybe there are some other things that you could add here which could be helpful?
Anyway, in the end I think that all of this really could turn into a pretty educational discussion for each and all of us here! hopeful to get some responses.