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You’re being serious in saying that? This is a Human Growth Hormone forum where people are discussing taking of HGH, steroids, peptides, insulin, and many other drugs/ substances that may put your health at risk, some of them carry their own and others are carrying similar risks of getting sexual health ruined in the long run. Do you honestly think I was asking for that kind of an answer? Why do you even feel so high and mighty?
Yeah I did used meth, as many others who used meth and as billions of others who used other substances such as alcohol, nicotine, meth, amphetamine, LSD, heroin etc. etc. and I did it because that’s the type of person that I am, a person that has to experience it all! I’m generally a person who uses it all and tries it all. I have had phases with pretty much every drug that I know in my life because I’ve always wanted to try it all. And eventually, with drug use you end up with the king of stimulants and also the king of downers, meth as well as heroin, respectively. This is a progression which, of course, is negative, nevertheless, I don’t fully regret doing it all. I have experienced high and I have experienced lows in my life that many other people will never experience them. I have lots of experiences and felt lots of things, experiences and feels that many people, again, will never have.
In the end, you sound to be like a boring lame kind of a guy who doesn’t have anything else to do than just write such kind of lame comments.