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“ell, you know, I have mentioned the fact that I am not sure as I have only heard about these things and I have heard about these issues from more than just one place and you know, when you hear identical things from multiple sources it makes you believe that it must be true. In the end, I have not blamed Pharmacom for anything and in fact, I do like and I do use pharmacom products! I have not tried to give an *educated* response but I was only trying to help the guy in getting a response to his question. In the end, I am going to try to dig up what I have heard and what I read, maybe I would find something useful. Sorry can’t do right now as I’m at work. And by the way, please don’t get me wrong as I am having absolutely no problems in getting corrected in case I am being wrong as I never stay firm in the fact that I’m always 100% right, however one sure thing is that I do know for sure that I had read there have been some bad batches that were floating around so that’s all I was trying to tell. But in the end, you know, I would be more than happy, in fact, if you have proven me wrong by showing the results, if you can do it. as I already mentioned earlier, I do love Pharmacon and I do use their products, so if I would be wrong here that would actually make me happy.
To be honest, as of late, I did have been quite frustrated with my quest in searching for a legit HGH product and it is extremely hard to make a final verdict as I am hearing so so many conflicting things going around. Anyway, in the end I do apologize in case you have taken this personally for any reasons.