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Humulin R, by far is my favorite. Not sure if any of you have tried it but those who didn’t, I suggest to try it. not sure how for others, but for me it is doubtlessly the best! It has a longer active life so I’m anabolic that much longer!

Hey there, I would say that the biggest advantage that the Humalin R has it is the fact that you’re able to purchase it without a prescription, something that, to my opinion, all these drugs should be.
But something that you might need to know is the fact that the R types of insulin are taking approximately 8 hours or so to clear all the way but they are taking approximately 2 hours or so before they are going to peak. In addition to that, the peak activity window is also being open for a longer period of time as well as it is nearly 3 hours or so. It is obvious that there are advances as well and some of the advantages that the R type has is that, you can take a fat shot around 30 minutes or so before you’re going to workout, after that you can lift and drink carbs and even after that, it is pretty likely that it is still going to be in there when you’re going to be hitting the post workout meal as well. Obviously, this is all very good.
However, simply to share my opinion, I do think that the drawback here is that the bigger the window of the insulin activity is then the more fats you’re going to be eating during this period of time, and the longer you are going to be in the anabolic state for your fat cells as well (the insulin it is preventing the breakdown of the fats). Even though pretty much depending on what else you’re being on then it may not be a very big reason for getting worried.