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to start off, my favorite one is Apidra. The reason is that for me, it just hits so much more faster and much harder compared to all the others that I have tried.

To be honest, I really like Apidra as well, it is quite good, and to be honest, Novolog it is quite the same for me to be honest. But so far, Humalog it is what I am using right now but to be honest, that’s mostly because this is what my insurance company has agreed to cover. But yeah, as you (I can guess) I am doing most of my insulin in IM type and usually, I am able to feel the peak of them after approximately one hour (fastest), to about an hours and a half or even to 2 hours as well (the longest time), pretty much as you. I have got low the last night during my workout, not very sure but I can guess that it is because I have not drank my Gatorade as quick as I had to. To be honest, I got pretty low as I have had to sit down and to sip it and then, simply to wait for the carbs to finally hit the bloodstream so then to keep on going further.
And by the way, in regards to this:

Hey there, would like to ask you, what are the gains in the lean body mass like on Slin? Would be interested to get a response

Personally for me, Slin can really help to pile on the weight, at least for me, however I have noticed that for me, if it’s on its own then it is equally anabolic for both muscle and fat tissue as well. I would say that it pairs quite well with the growth hormone due to the fact that the growth hormone is going to help with keeping it all lean and that’s in the time that the insulin is basically going to stop any and all tissue breakdown which is all very good so to my opinion it is better to give it a mix.
But anyway, in the end, all in all, with the right diet and with some other drugs in your regimen, I really think that insulin can be very and very helpful, but that’s if using it correctly, pretty much as anything else. in fact, to be honest, I wouldn’t be really shocked at all to hear that someone could gain like 10 or maybe even some more pounds per month in the first few months of using the insulin. And yeah, I know you haven’t asked me that question but I hope this would be any helpful.