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yeah, it is obvious that HGH has other benefits, but that’s the goal that I’m looking for – repair and recovery. The reason is that I am suffering from a lower back pain as well as knee pain from pushing drying agents way too much (such as masteron and proviron) and that’s a big problem now. With this being said, it is obvious that I am currently not using those anymore and I am looking forward into restoring my joints back again and I know I can do it with the help of using the HGH.

However, unfortunately, there’s a problem that I have with the HGH and it is the fact that it makes me face blown up and in addition to this, it also has some mental effect on me in the bad way as it gives me a feeling (sensation or I don’t know how to explain it) of being slow mentally and plus to that, it is also fully destroying my hunger as well. All of these are big problems for me.

These are the reasons why I am currently trying to use as little as it is possible of it while I know that I need it and I know it because I can feel the soothing effect on my joint after only a few days of using it and it is obvious that I truly love this benefit it has on me. With all of this being said, I have also noticed another interesting thing and it is that if I am using the MK 677 this stuff is making me be really really alert (not sure but I guess it is raising my cortisol level?) and it is also boosting my appetite like nothing else does so both effects are really good for me taking in consideration the HGH side effects on me.

With all of this being said I have come to the conclusion that I, most likely, need to have a combination of the 2 following the protocol: the MK 677 using in the morning and the HGH at night because this way I am going to be able to keep my alertness and my appetite in the time that I am still getting the benefits from the HGH and the IGF 1 levels increases (you might be wondering why not use only MK for IGF 1 increase but it has never had a very big benefit on me for the IGF 1 increase and this is the reason why I am simply not able to use MK only for this reason). I truly hope that this information would make it possible for you guys to help me with my need.