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and by the way, in response to the post about the anxiety and insomnia where I am not getting enough sleep… well, I have to admit that there might be something related here… I am not very sure about the anxiety, however I do have some slight issues with the insomnia. That’s the fact that I am sleeping approximately 6 to 8 hours per day but I am mostly sleeping 6 hours and rarely 8 a day. That’s because I am simply not able to sleep more than that, I sleep 6 and I am already up without being able to go back to sleep. And yeah, have to admit that my sleeping quality it is pretty bad, to be honest here. Sadly but I definitely can’t say that I have a really good quality of sleep. By the way, I would like to upload the photo with my full test results, but I am just not sure how I can do it so you won’t think that I am hiding here. I might give the numbers manually if there’s no way to upload here.