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To be honest, I find it to be really really interesting!! Thanks for posting. I have to say that I did have seen this happening around here quite a lot on this forum, and yet, I have not ever heard of any indeed good explanation of all of this as to why this is so. Would really appreciate if someone could explain here. I did have seen people having somewhere around like 20 pages of blogs/ articles on the GH for cutting as well as some other similar articles and information etc. for bulking and yet, although I read all those articles/ blogs etc. I cannot remember to see anywhere someone mentioning this phenomenon and explaining it.
Anyhow, thanks a lot for everything and for taking the time to write these posts and to share the numbers that you’ve had as I do think that this is super helpful for all the rest of us here and, of course, thanks for the heads up on the Godtropin and your warnings!