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Oh well… maybe I was a little bit too dramatic as it is obvious that you are going to fluctuate a little bit, but was I meant is not to accept when you are going higher and higher or when you have added a few more and keeping it that way as it is most likely that you will add more. In the end, what I was really trying to say is that it is nearly inevitable that the weight is going come back and that’s unless you are going to be just EXTREMELY careful day by day, every day, on what you are eating and be super diligent about monitoring your weight.
My personal problem has been that after about half a year (as I previously mentioned) I have let my guard down a little bit more and it seems that I kept it going down more and more and as a result of that I have gained a few pounds and so I was used to think… well, a little bit it is not as bad. After that 6 more months have passed and I gained even more so I continued to think that *well, fine, a bit more, but that’s still not as bad* and continued like that. After 2 and half years later in total I have already been up to 15 pounds which was already a problem, as much as you can think. I had to start all over again and therefore the tip about not to accept any gains, otherwise you would need to start over again as well.