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No offence but I do think that you are lying to us and I see no point in asking a question when you’re not being fully honest (and I definitely do not see any point in trying to answer your questions and help you when you’re not honest here). The reason I think is that you said:

i am 210 lbs and I’m 5’7 with an approximate of 20 % of body fat (never actually measured it).

With such stats you are on steroids for sure. I mean, there is simply no way that you could have all of this mass (I mean 210 lbs when you are 5’7) when you are living in an environment with a low testosterone.
If you really want us to be helpful and answer your questions then you need to stop lying and to start being honest about everything… about what you take, what you do and etc. in fact, I can’t understand what’s the reason of lying? I mean, we are not your doctor and we definitely are not going to tell to your mommy.
In fact, I think that you do know how you have fu**ed yourself up but you simply want to hear us saying something different. I am quite sure that you are hiding an extremely big amount of facts! Where are your lh and fsh numbers from the hormonal test? Why you have not shared those either? And then again, what’s the point of asking for help when you are hiding information? In the end, most likely, you only want us to tell you that you should go on trt.