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Hey there OP, you have said that we should not accept absolutely any gains at all, none, here:

and one last tip I have for you is… after you have religiously followed the first 2 steps and you have achieved your weight then it is important to weigh every single day and check not to gain absolutely anything! You should not accept any gains at all! I mean, none, zero, nada!

And so… I wanted to ask… I think this gain might be the constipation… it has been 3 days now… would like to find out… are most of the people gaining a little bit of a weight until their next BM?? Reason I ask is because this is the very first day that I have had a gain so I am trying to keep track of your advice of not accepting any gains at all. Need to mention here that I have been all absolutely 100% perfect on the protocol without any problems as I am using injection from a doctor! I am also using this forum, as you can see, for getting more advices, more help and obviously more support (as well as some good information overall) so it does seems that I managed to find some of it. In the end, thanks a lot for your story and advices and I would also appreciate if you could help me with these questions I have here. Thanks!