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If you would like to use something that doesn’t require a high intensity and yet it is still really helpful then I can recommend you what I personally am doing and finding it helpful. And I really like it. I like to wake up in the morning and walk for like anywhere between half an hour to one full hour (fasted) mostly depending on how I am looking and then, the rest of the day to hit at least (but obviously, preferably over) 10k steps. Of course you can’t keep track of how many steps you have but thankfully, we live in 2018 and so you could use the pedometer on your smartphone, something that’s super helpful. Once again, this might be a method that is not suitable for everyone, but at least personally for me – this is working very very good and I do like it. The reason why I have started with this low intensity cardio is because the high intensity one can, sometimes, blunt fat loss for me and sometimes to even cause some sub q inflammation which is horrible for me as I am a person that is very sensitive to the cortisol. I do know that there are some people who might not have this patience of going through this low intensity cardio as there are people who only love high intensity ones, but everyone is different so you might like this method as well. And yes, once in a while, the HIIT method indeed can really really shine very well, however if I personally am going to keep doing it like that then I wouldn’t like it all and I won’t like the way that my physique is going to look. Again, that’s something what’s working for me, however I personally would rather do heavy compounds as well as high volume training with a lot of supersets in the time that I am keeping LISS cardio. The LISS is burning more fat due to the fact that you are able to consume more oxygen while doing it and therefore you are oxidizing more fat so it goes away. But then again, I do know and I perfectly understand that there are some people who would rather prefer HIIT and since I don’t know into which method you are more, Xylashe, you need to decide yourself which one is suitable more for you.