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So well, here it is the way that it is going to be personally for me: the first thing is stair climber; after that the second one is incline walk at only anywhere 2.7 mph on treadmill, however the trick it is not to hold handles (you’ve just got to try it, only 2.7 mph is going to kick your arse when you are not holding handles), and then it goes the third thing which is swimming laps (it is only in the number three and it is not first due to the fact that it is extremely high in intensity and that’s why I am not doing this one as often, however this involves an extremely good cardio exercise and it is also good to work my joints and to get a back pump as well. This involves something really helpful and interesting so I hope that this is something you would love too.
But there are also some other types of cardio exercises which are among the top, at least for me, and they include mountain biking hard for like about 40 minutes to one hour at least once in a while (but it is limited to me to somewhere like twice in a week maximum so it does not take way too much away from the leg recovery), there are also others such as running real stairs outside which I like and of course – hiking real mountains can be both helpful and super interesting. Hopefully this is going to be helpful for you.