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And by the way, I am very sorry that I have asked a simply question, but asking a simple question is just asking for a simple answer and that’s it! It is all only a chemistry thing and it is not an opinion of a thing, I needed and educate answer and not your opinion. I’m talking about this post:

Well, that’s a really good example of how to act like a complete and total jackass so thanks for everyone else letting them know how to do when they want to be complete and total jackasses or how not to do when they don’t want to be like you. What’s the funny thing is that after you have been behaving like that, now you’re expecting other people to come here and to help you, you’re unbelievable. I will be giving you an answer simply for the sake of other people reading this and there might be other people needing an answer who aren’t the same way as you and plus to that, given the fact that this is a harm reduction forum board, I hope this will be helpful to other people (and maybe to you too).

A very direct answer for you: do not mix those 2. It is a 29 g needle, you just need to do the 2 injections like everyone else would do it and simply don’t do stupid shit like this one.

And yeah, by the way,

but I only want to do the 3 iu which is not even going to cover the sugar in a cup of coffee which I have serious doubts that it is just so so so so dangerous.

I think that you just need to start using an extremely much less sugar quantity in your coffee in case for you the *3 iu is not even going to cover the sugar in a cup of coffee* or you barely have any ideas what you’re talking about.

The reasons are: you have attacked me saying that I do not want to do 2 pins but this is a complete assumption and nothing more, I haven’t shared the reason and you don’t have the vague idea if this is the real reason or not.
Secondly: to tell me that this is dangerous it is completely redundant and plus to that, this has absolutely nothing to do with the question that I have asked at all.
One more thing is: to tell me that this is a stupid question it is just the top of the arrogance and a complete ego behavior as there are no stupid questions, there are just egos of people thinking that asking a question is a stupid idea.
Generally, you do not need to see the benefit or the logic as this was not the question at all.
And lastly, using less sugar in my coffee? I do know that this might be a good idea indeed, however this is simply an addiction thing that I have pre workout, and that’s, in the end, not dangerous either. I simply love sugar, especially pre workout, and I don’t see a problem here.
With all of this being said here, do you see the reasons why I have got pissed off and why you made me write a *jackass* post, as you said?

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