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i am not very sure if this is going to help you but at least this did has helped me a lot and for this reason I think that it should work for you too. Well, my elbow has been hurting pretty badly for a long time and so I do know the struggle that you’re going through. In the beginning I have had lateral epicondylitis and after that I have had medial epicondylitis and so, it would alternate back and forth like that. I have then started a bpc -157 and as it was recommended above, the Tb 500 protocol all along with the HGH which I do think that it is important and you would need to acquire it either. I have also started the forearm stretches all along with the cross massage on the tendons either. I do think that you must be following the exact same protocol as I mentioned here (if you have questions I am ready to answer them all) and that’s because 3 months later after starting this protocol, my pain went away. I do know that 3 months sounds like too much time, however I doubt that there’s an *instant* helping stuff but the part is that I absolutely have 0 pain in my elbow and I am currently lifting at my full strength once again and that’s the best part. And by the way, I am still running the HGH and the Tb 500 for the maintenance and I am keeping the pain problems away although I do continue to do it in full strength. Plus to that I have other benefits either and there’s no need in the surgery! Hopefully this helps!