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Hey there OP, first off I have to say that I am sorry you have to go through these problems as I know that they are really annoying and I know this because, unfortunately, I am have had tendinitis for years so the struggle is real, especially because in all those years I have tried everything that’s possible! Well, the only thing that it is considered that is really going to work, at least supposedly, it is getting a surgery done, however as much as you know, this is going to leave you out of the gym for quite a good while if you would do it.
Anyhow, if you do not like the surgery idea for legit reasons, obviously, then I can tell you that for me personally, sleeves and tape have really helped a lot so I recommend you trying the same and hopefully it would work for you as well. Working around the injury and stopping the ego lifting either, not maxing out too often are going to be like some good working things.
And yeah… I have not ever heard about peptides except from the HGH that are going to sort this problem out, I’m sorry for the bad news. Wishing you all the best.