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So well, I just wanted to point this out:

And so, with all this being said, I am going to test the following: my testosterone level (both the free and total testosterone), E2, tsh.
As in regards to the HGH: serum gh and serum IGF 1.

And say the following: there is no need for you to spend the extra money on the GH serum test as doing this is going to be irrelevant at this point due to the fact that you have already been running it for a while now, isn’t it true? If that’s so then you’ve just got to get your IGF 1 levels checked and this way you’re going to save some money as there’s no need for you to be spending them. To my opinion there’s no need to shoot the 10 IUs in case you are getting the IGF 1 level checked either. Simply doing your regular dosing protocol is going to be just enough to find everything that you need without any additional headaches.