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Oh yeah, what has been said up there is 100% true, be sure in that. I’m talking about this:

Hey there OP, you just need to get your IGF 1 Levels checked out and only by those levels you could decide. Pretty much as other people here have already mentioned this – the side effects are not, in fact, a very good way to determine if the GH it is working for you or not (or if it’s legit in general). So don’t only focus on the sides. Hopefully this is going to be helpful.

You need to know that the baseline it is irrelevant at this point as you only need to see in case your IGF has gone up, if they have exceeded the normal levels and only in this way you can check whether the product is actually legit and if it is working for you. There indeed are people who get the IGF beyond the normal levels and they still do not get any kind of side effects. So, as much as you can understand, you can simply go and get your blood work done now and you are going to know for sure if this product is working for you in a matter of some days. Hopefully this would be helpful.