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The first thing that came into my mind by reading your post is the fact that the extra stuff is surely not going to hurt you, instead it can be helpful, this is the reason why if I would be you I would definitely try it out and see if it works. especially since you do have chances that everything’s going to work out just fine for you. that’s because as long as the HCG it is the first ingredient (regardless of what are the rest) then it should be all fine for you, I truly hope it would be if you would give it a try.
And by the way, the HHCG doesn’t actually seem to go bad anytime soon unless it is going to be improperly stored (like for example it is exposed a long time to the light or/ and to the heat, to magnets or to electrical fields etc.) to be honest, if I would be you, I would definitely try that new bottle that you’ve got. Why wouldn’t I do it? why you have ordered it at all? I don’t think that the money is worth it especially when you’re halfway done and especially when you have good chances that it will work. But anyhow, if you really do not like it then you could return it back. I hope this is going to help you a little bit. Just don’t forget to come back with updates saying what you have decided and how your decision turned out to work for you?