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So well, there is one thing that in my opinion you should think about: each of the kit that you have ordered should be HGH, isn’t it? I mean, they are all HGH (somatropin) they are simply different brands which in the end they are same thing. well, with this being said, do you see a problem if you’re going to get yourself Genotropin one day and then you’re going to get yourself Humatrope the next day? you know they are same thing but they are simply from different manufacturer. That’s just to give you an example. Anyhow, not to be complicated about it: it doesn’t really matter what you’re going to do since they are having the same substance so it doesn’t matter. however I simply cannot see the point of pinning both at the same time? why not simply to do one kit at a time? I mean, to my opinion it sounds… logical and easier?
In the end of it, my final point is that you’ve just got to think about the fact either both or them are 100% legit hgh (somatropin) or some of the kits that you will get might be a fake product. That’s the question which should be important right now, however making a combination of both is irrelevant and doesn’t matter. make sure that they are both real / legitimate products before putting them into your body and you’re going to be alright!