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Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it very much. But I’ve got to mention the fact that there are, in fact, no lumps, they are just some soft deposit of fat on both my breasts. And that’s only when I flex. Generally I am not being prone to gyno, however I have got this when I have done the synovex conversion as I’ve seen someone saying with only Wesson oil to make 100 mg per ml. and then later that person said… oops, I am sorry, but you can only do it at 50 mgs instead of 100 mg as he originally said, the problem is that by that time I have already had the estradial in me from the conversion and that was said already too late. I can mention here that my chest has remained exactly the same since then and you know… this has happened around 9 or so years ago! Very much time has passed. I did have went through the dball test and others and they do not show me having gyno or anything.

And by the way, I am not even worried at all about this at any point, I am only worried about my penis functionality as I would like to restore it back to normal, now I am having no night erection and no morning erection – nothing. By the way, I can mention here that in the past, my ankles have been used to swell really really bad in the past, that’s from when I have been doing the synovex, however this has not happened in years now, not sure if this is any helpful. But this made me think… does the estrogen ever gets out of your system on its own? I mean, without trying to get it out yourself? It didn’t get in there from aromatizing it was already in the synovex. So, now, even after all these years I am not sure if letro would help me or nolva would.
I also can mention here that I have been going to run prami for prolactin (it is high as I have said) as well as mayve letro for my estrogen. Yeah, I do know here that tren or deca, technically, does not covert into estrogen, however it does progesterone which is going to make that soft area under the nipples waiting for the estrogen in order to make it gyno or lactate. With all of this said, I am currently thinking to use both of them in order to lower the prolactin and the estrogen, do you think this might be a good idea? after that, if I am going to lower the estrogen too much simply to stop both use test and dball in order to get some conversion going and I think that I should be quite good as the prolactin should be low and the testosterone and the estrogen levels both need to be within the good range. What do you people think about all of this? thanks!