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Oh well, I will just try helping with whatever I can. I just can say that when I have been getting set up with my pump, my DSN drove home that I had to change my canula every 3 days or more often if needed, but not rarer than that. as much as I have been explained, the main reason for that being the fact that your body is going to start to heal around the canula and so the insulin absorption is going to dramatically drop down, something that you surely do not want to happen, I guess. And yeah, that seemed to be true and for this reason I recommend you to do the same and make sure to change it at 3 days or even more often if needed but not rarer. The reason I recommend you is that I did have left my canula in for 4 days a couple of times back in the days when I have been camping around and due to some reasons I left it for 4 days or so (main one being that it has been a little bit awkward to try and change it there – big mistake) and back then I did have seen a big and stupidly for me – unexpected, increase in the levels of my blood glucose. Since then I am being very strict about it and guess what? Everything goes smoothly without any blood glucose levels increasing. No wonder that you noticed having some issues with it if you change it on a regular basis at 4 days and sometimes even up to 6 days. hopefully this is going to be helpful.