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I’m sorry Fighad, but reading your post I simply couldn’t abstain myself and not to say this:
To be honest, this is what gives the online communities like this one those *black eyes* from many people and what is making them be *a little bit* illegitimate. There’s no wonder why there are people again such forums and to be honest, they are again only because such advises like the one you’ve mentioned earlier. I doubt that you know but there are many lives that have been ruined from such kind of advises like the one you’ve said up there because non professional people actually listen to them and without researching they actually do what’s *advised*. I’m not trying to say that you’re a bad person, or that you’re trying to kill someone, you definitely are not because I can see that you’re indeed concerned about my wife and about my sexual life and i honestly appreciate that, however I definitely think that we shouldn’t be playing in the *doctor’s game* because as I said earlier, this might ruin people’s lives. Let me explain all of it.
While there are indeed some studies that have proven the fact that women can benefit from administrating a small dose of testosterone when it all comes down to the libido and sex drive, a true medical professional who shows a little bit of care and in my opinion, should be at least somehow responsible, would firstly, surely, evaluate the entire broad spectrum of possible reasons while would weigh the risk and the benefits of one treatment versus another.
Once again, i don’t have anything against you and that’s nothing personal as I do think that you’ve tried to help me (and plus to that, I personally would never in my life blindly follow any advice from any anonymous source like here) but I do really think that you are completely wrong on there. and it is not your statement per se, however it is actually the fact that this advice has been offered without knowing the background (and for this reason there are medical history and doctors carefully checking them, or that SHOULD carefully check them). Well, I am going to try to be explicit and make my point here.
As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, she has had *advanced female hormone panel* due to the fact that back then we have been trying to find out the possible hormonal misbalance. With this being said, her total testosterone level has been checked too and you know what were the result in regards to her total testosterone level? It has been twice as much as the top level of the range! I might show you her result as I have a scan of it in my computer. The free T has been just in the middle.
However, in the same time, from the results we’ve got we’ve noticed that the progesterone/ E2 ratio has been anywhere like 4.3: 1 while it should be anywhere around 200:1 on the day that the blood has been drawn because it has been the 25th day after the beginning of the monthly period).
We’ve ruled out the cause, or we think so, which means that the low progesterone my wife had was (or it mostly likely was) because of the ovarian cysts that my wife is having. Those are being known to lead to increased testosterone production in the time they are stopping the progesterone production – exactly as my wife had. Her cysts are already being scheduled to be removed in 3 months and we’re going to see what effect it would have and how it would all go, but what I’m trying to say is that in case there is going to be someone to follow your advice it is going to be absolutely no different from something as a doctor advising something like: *here is a statin pill for you, you shouldn’t be worried about those 3 big macs that you’re eating a day, everything is fine with them, let’s just lower your cholesterol firstly, and then we’re going to see how it goes* and what I’m trying to say is that this is like dealing with the result and not the cause of the problem. People should stop eating those 3 big macs a day and if this won’t help then they should start taking pills, and surely not the other way around. Plus to that, giving my wife testosterone that has twice as much total testosterone as it should be then it definitely won’t be a good idea.
I personally definitely don’t want to have a horny but completely crazy wife. Plus, such level of testosterone would definitely not make her feel fine.
And then, what if I would actually listed to your advice? What would the testosterone shot have done if she would actually take it? definitely would raise T off the chart, more free T for T to E conversion (for those who don’t know, women do aromataze as well, you know) which in return is going to lead to even more E2 and that’s going to lower even more this *magic* ratio which, as I said earlier, is already too low. And by saying *ruining people’s lives* that’s what I was trying to say – giving her the testosterone shot would ruin her live even more.
The low progesterone (which would have been in return being even lower if listening to your advice) is doing exactly this with the following effects: low libido, as well as insomnia and also a lot of other *bad things* as well going around. And so, after the consultation with her OBGYN, she has been put, as I said earlier, on the progesterone cream in attempt to bring back the *balance to the force* and that’s until the cysts are going to be removed and either things are going to get back to normal again or it is going to be ruled out as root cause and after that, we’re going back to drawing board. And yes, as I also mentioned this, this thing has really helped tremendously, however in her specific case! I am only using this example in order to give a *imagination* of how problems like the one I mentioned should be approached… with big care, tests and responsibility.
Once again, all that I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t play the *doctor games* around here as I truly hate a lot when young (and that’s especially when young!) people are reading and are taking every single statement for granted!
And lastly, please do not think that I tried to offend you as I didn’t tried to do so, and there’s nothing personal, I’m just trying to keep everyone on the safe side. Peace and good luck!