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hey, could you tell me who’s test? I would really love to hear from them more and to post up some results as I would like to see it.
When I have said it earlier some elevated serum tests, I have meant elevated as HGH is elevating them on a similar dosage and so, a person would need to establish a record and to know how they are expecting to test. Well, the standard reference range use to be anywhere between 0-2.9, it is currently where I test 0 to 10.
A good serum on 10 ius 3 hours after the injection for an average person would be anywhere between 20 to 40 wide range, I do know that there are some that are falling beyond this range and this is not actually uncommon.
And so, with all of this being said, if I were talking about a peptide that is able to elevate a HGH serum test, they may do it, I agree, but only to some degree, and definitely and in no way to do it in the degree that the HGH can do it. a peptide definitely cannot be passed off as HGH with a serum test and a little experience. The fact that it peptides can show a slightly different result than the one actually is that’s true, but not completely change the result.