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Hey there man, I just wanted to share something in regards to a part you’ve mentioned a little bit earlier:

With this being said, there has been no way to actually say for sure if the HGH has been the actual cause or not. So well, whatever the case, she has went on bio identical progesterone cream and around one month or so later (not very much time passed) her libido has already been restored back again which was amazing, and even though her libido, of course, wasn’t as it used to be in our 20s, it has been good enough for me to be happy a couple of days in a week which felt amazing and most importantly – enough for me too because although I do feel great and feel younger the age I am – I’m still not in my 20s.

In this case, just have her take a shot of test… you might be surprised but the libido is going to come back and is going to come back really fast.