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Well, from as much as it sounds from your post, it really does seems to me as he does needs to go up a little bit on his dosage, pretty much for the reasons you’ve mentioned earlier, and that’s why I do think that trying to get the dosage up from 10 to 12 drops 3 times per day it does makes sense, or at least he could only give a try. If there’s anyone else who has more experience and think otherwise then I’m ready to listen anyone’s opinion as I cannot be sure if this would be the best idea, however it does sounds as if that’s a pretty good one. Another thing I should be mentioning here is that I am not actually so familiar with the hhcg as I am with the rx form, however here’s what I have noticed through my research and everything else: as a general rule of thumb, they are starting you on the hhcg at a lower dosage and for this reason it is not very unusual to have to go up a little bit I think. To be honest, it does seems to me that there are a lot of people out there to find a pretty good spot in terms of benefits etc. at a dosage that is anywhere between 36 and 45 drops a day. but, to be honest, I would say that not even 60 drops per day wouldn’t be really unusual or wouldn’t be such a high dose. With this being said, going up to 12 drops 3 times a day might be a good idea and if he does feels a bit better from increasing the dosage then it might be a good idea to increase even a bit more but it all depends on how he’s going to respond. What I’m trying to say is that it may turn out that a bigger increase could be a good idea and needed for your brother to feel a bit better. Hopefully he would.