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so yeah, exactly as it has been mentioned here earlier by the previous poster… I also think the same. And I personally find it ironic the fact that people are not rushing to use the statins (which are being known to lower the cholesterol levels, of course) only due to this advertised effect. Or man is jumping on the AI due to the fact that it lowers the aromatase without having the need to do it. or maybe a 20 years old girl who is running the estrogen and is thinking something as *oh well, this is a female hormone, what could go wrong? I most likely am going to benefit from running it*.
So with all of this being said, why then the HGH needs to be any different at all? But once again, it all depends on the goal that you’re having and reason or you’re running it at all, isn’t it true? There are bodybuilders who are using it (and PED too) for their, obvious reasons – enhanced physical performance. Furthermore experienced (and/ or responsible one) they are heavily investing in the blood tests which is obvious that they do it in order to monitor and to control the outcome of it all.
The anti aging (or simply only general health benefits) purpose it is in no way any different at all. testosterone, AI, HGH and so on and so forth. the administration for whatever the reason must be done in an controlled way with an absolutely scientific and professional approach in my opinion, otherwise the risks are going to greatly overweight the potential benefits that you’re looking for. Everything you put in your body should be done with caution and that’s especially when you put such things as HGH, AI and testosterone etc.