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Therage hello there. in regards to your original post/ question I would say that you definitely need to find out a baseline igf 1 level for your girlfriend. In case she’s currently already within the good levels or they are higher for 38 years old as you said she’s now (106-368 ng/ mL) then you should know that there is absolutely no need to add the 1 IU or especially the 2 IU… or at least that’s my opinion only and I’m not a professional. Anyhow, this most likely, will only keep her at some good levels. So go find out what is her baseline igf 1 levels, or you already know it?

Also wanted to say something in regards to the following statement even though I’m not a professional, as I said earlier:

I might be wrong but from as much as I have read (and I’ve always read this) but it is 21 days. if there’s somebody who has more experience, please chime in with advices as I’m really interested in finding out the correct answer. Thanks in advance.

Well, Saizen and Sero’s state store up to 14 days, however to be honest, I one believe that 21 days it is still safe and even more than that, I think that probably 30 days would still be safe. But that’s only my non professional opinion based on what I researched. But I might need to look it up once again.

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