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Oh well, to be honest here… I don’t actually believe in this question (shelf life) is relevant. What I’m trying to say is… if *normal* dosage it is 2 IU and blacktops are 15 IU then one vial is going to last 7 days, 10 IU vial would only last 5 days…
And now, getting onto the HGH part… once again, this is only my personal opinion and nothing scientifically proven or anything, simply my PERSONAL opinion, but I think that what is really f**king up with the hormonal balance in the *elderly* folks it is the presence of the unnatural chemicals that is found in our food and that’s especially the estrogen acting ones. And in except of the problem with the *feminization* of the male population in the last few generations, the chemical additives are being flat out destroying the endocrine system. Someone’s body is only capable of fighting for only a period of time and then it gives up as our bodies can fight forever, of course, and the older we get, of course, the less it can fight back.
In fact, to be honest, I personally am thinking that the HGH is being overrated to some extent, and from time to time. What I’m trying to say is that my hair that has been turned gray are not returning back to its original colors and that’s even though we’re both being on the HGH for more than a year (approximately, we have 15 months being on it) and nor my wife’s gray hair is returning back to its normal color. So to be honest, it is not so *magical* as some people think or speak of it. in addition to that, it has not touched my wife’s libido at all even though she has been on 2 IU per day, as I said, for more than a year. Her libido remained exactly the same as it used to be prior running HGH. what I’m trying to say is that indeed HGH is helpful to some extent (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be taking it) but it is not a *magic* stuff or anything. It is true that our friends and family members are always telling us that we’re both looking younger (but then again, let’s not forget we’ve both started an extreme clean diet which would definitely help looking younger without HGH either). And yes, I do know that without statins our cholesterol it is low 5 or 6 points below the maximum of the reference range but then again, cleaning out the diet is also helping a lot in reducing the cholesterol level, even though before that it has bene high.
HGH is indeed helpful but it shouldn’t be run alone without doing anything else and except amazing results. HGH it is only one element of the journey to balancing the whole endo system in my opinion, I do agree that this is indeed a very important element, however it is definitely not a miracle or, as I said, a magic element, as many people think of it. The blood testing it is a must in my opinion (preaching to the choir here), but the goal is being a different one… the anti aging one versus pushing up to the limits.
Anyway, in the end, whatever the HGH is and in whatever way it helps other people, I have absolutely no regrets that I’ve found it and started running it because, as I said, I definitely feel much more better now than I did without it. with the added diet 🙂