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So well hi there. I am pretty much able to share with you some personal experience… my wife is currently 50 years old and she has started HGH quite some months ago now (in fact, she’s been on it for nearly one year now)… during at that point in time she has been experiencing pre menopausal symptoms which includes really bad symptoms such as absolute zero libido, insomnia, severe hot flashes, completely irregular periods as well as often vaginal dryness and many many other things, in short, absolutely everything by the book when a women goes through this period.
Before she has ever used the HGH, she has taken the *hormone panel for women* and when she got her results the igf 1 has been 160 and her estrogen has been within the normal range. And so, she has started to take the HGH and have started to take the 2 IU dosage being her first and the last dosage that she has ever been on because she never took less or more than 2 IU since then. however, there’s something very important that you need to know here – at this point in time, she has already cleaned her diet to extreme (in fact, we’ve both done this at this time, but now I’m talking about my wife). And so, her diet was very clean and she has been on 2 IU dosage ever since and here is the list of results that she has got after 12+ months of being on this regimen:
She has lost 50 Lbs, her body fat was also measured before and after running the HGH and it has went down from 30% to as low as 21% which is a huge difference, she didn’t had any hot flashes at all after they stopped appearing to her (the hot flashes started to slowly diminish until the 4th month of being on this regimen – the point where they have completely disappeared), plus at the same time period comes on the clock, her sleep is also a lot much better while it used to be not really good at all in the past. Plus to that, before all of this, her cholesterol has been measured which has been high in the past, but then her cholesterol has been within the good range. The only problem is that her libido has been pretty low and it didn’t seem to get restored.

She has then ran a *menopausal hormonal panel* and even though her estrogen levels have been within the normal range, the progesterone has been non detectable. With this being said, there has been no way to actually say for sure if the HGH has been the actual cause or not. So well, whatever the case, she has went on bio identical progesterone cream and around one month or so later (not very much time passed) her libido has already been restored back again which was amazing, and even though her libido, of course, wasn’t as it used to be in our 20s, it has been good enough for me to be happy a couple of days in a week which felt amazing and most importantly – enough for me too because although I do feel great and feel younger the age I am – I’m still not in my 20s.
That’s pretty much it, and I really hope that this is going to help you understand it all a little bit. With all of this, I am not trying to say that this is a solution to all women problems or to all women in general, however I think that most women could benefit.