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Well, I have injected it daily during about 1 week at the beginning, and usually I used to do this after work, or when I know that I’m going to spend some time home because I was worried about the nausea. I was okay, and I didn’t get any nausea at all. The effect comes after about 2 3 days, so don’t expect to have it since the first day, that’s why I recommend you to use it as a routine and not just before sex. Generally while you are doing your daily routine, just keep using it with some hours away from sex, because it doesn’t kick in immediately. I’m using an insulin sytinge, and this is okay to introduce it, usually I inject in my glute, and it’s quite effective. It lasts for a really long period of time, and in case if you are injected it late, a couple of hours before sex, it can lasts for the morning if you love this with your partner, I tried it some time and we really enjoyed it.