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How many times we have to come across with this bullshit. I can’t understand what kinds of people are using the IGF for long term and feel okay with it. I don’t what to judge you, because I understand that you are a newbie and you need a lot to learn about. Just to make you understand better, you can’t use IGF for more than 4 week because you’re going to destroy your receptors, it’s very dangerous. I know that you can find a lot of people there that are using it for a long period of time and are talking about specific effects that it creates and about the miracle effect on your body, but the idea is that they are not smart enough to think about the side effects that it can bring to you. I mean the stupidity of people that are telling about how dumb are those that are still using HGH when it is definitely more expensive and it creates the same effect on the body but requires more time to do it. Why not to jump forward the steps and to take the IGF and forget about HGH. There is a big reason why. Yes, you need to do step by step in order to achieve the goal and to arrive to IGF. Okay, but the thing is that elsewhere, you can’t just bring IGF and say that the IGF produced naturally on your body to the same thing as the IGF that you are going to take. The HGH is not that sprint effective on your body, it has to be used on long term, and it can be used in comparison with IGF, but it brings you results without making your body suffer, or destroying your receptors. Take care about this, and bring more attentions to what you are reading. I’m quite sure that you are going to find more and more information on other sites, but please before believing in this just continue to ask about the thing that seems to be suspicious to you, I’m sure that a lot of people will be ready to help you! You did a great job by coming here and asking! Good luck!